Covert Surveillance Glasses with a nearly invisible camera lens set in a modern black frames and clear eyeglass. No other video glasses perform better with the ability to record high definition 720p video footage. The built-in rechargeable battery allows for about 70 minutes of continuous recording in between charges. Equip operatives with the best hidden camera glasses on the market.

Video Glasses with HD Color Camera and Built in Recording

  • Covert Surveillance is smoother than ever with these hidden camera glasses. Discreet and a trustworthy investigative tool, they provide concealed high definition video with the one-touch recording. 


    • Stand-alone DVR
    • 720p HD Color Video Footage
    • Invisible Camera Lens on Frame
    • One Button Design
    • Vibration Alert: On-Recording/Power off/ Low Battery
    • Time & Date Stamp
    • Charging LED Indicators
    • LawMate Product #PV-EG20CL

    These  Covert Surveillance Glasses are extremely user-friendly. Get the device operational by plugging in the mini USB into the glasses' USB Port then plug the other end into a power source. Once green LED light has turned off the device will be fully charged. While your glasses are charging format the memory card on a compute